Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Service of WorkSprout. Some definitions that you will find in this Privacy Policy are explained in the Terms of Service.


WorkSprout offers job-seekers and employers a service that enables you the ability to orientate yourself or find relevant candidates on the labour market using advanced data matching and a team of experts in a personal, safe and transparent manner. It allows you insights in the market, hiring potential and the ability to get in contact with potential employers or candidates, regardless of the skill-set or size of the company.

The founders have started WorkSprout after years of experience with startups and corporates in the digital market based on the conclusion that finding the right candidate or job is hard and moreover frequently based on false assumptions regarding the candidate or the company. With this in our minds we have worked very hard, and of course still doing so, to offer a hybrid solution that takes many of the hiring biases out of the process through machine-learning combined with our team of experts.

To facilitate the service, we have to collect and digest personal information, we are aware of the fact that this asks a lot of our customers, both for job-seekers and companies. In this Privacy Policy, we provide insight in the data we collect about you and your company, how and why we use it and how you can request to obtain, alter or delete your data.

We understand the importance of your privacy that is why we follow the principle of ‘ethical recruitment’. In many cases, we have embedded options to the Platform to ensure your anonymity or pseudonymity up to the point where you should reveal your identity in order to proceed in the hiring process. Other members cannot view your personal information until you explicitly permit them to.

1. Data control

The personal data, profile data and derived information is at all times under your ownership. The data you ingest into the system is controlled by 1001001 B.V. whose registered office is at Weeresteinstraat 152, Hillegom (The Netherlands). If you have any doubts about providing your personal or employment history to us, or such information is used in way not permitted through these Privacy Policy and Terms of Service you can contact us or in the case of a registered account via

2. What data we collect

We collect the following data.

2.1 Contact information and Login credentials

To setup a Profile, you will have to provide us with your name, email address and a password. Your contact details can never be accessed by other parties other than WorkSprout and can only be viewed by Employers when you choose to apply for a job at a specific Employer.

2.2 Profile data

When you have created a Talent Profile, you have the ability to add relevant information to your Profile, like education, employment history, skills, mastered languages and any other relevant information. When you have created an Employer Profle you have the ability to add relevant information about a specific opening, required skills and languages and any other relevant piece of information.

2.3 Receiving, accepting and ignoring Network requests

Based on the information you have provide in your Profile, you receive matches to specific Employers or Talents when they meet designated criteria. If you choose to accept the provided match more information will be provided to the other Party. Depending on the stage the Parties are in the information may build up. When a Talent Profile accepts an Opening only the Talents basic information will be provided to the Employer. When it would be time for a physical interview we will request your permission to provide the Employer with your contact details. Based on the data WorkSprout collects on an Acceptance or Denial of Match we finetune our algorithms and learn from your prior choices.

2.4 Use of the Website

We receive and track your usage of the WorkSprout Platform. For instance, we collect information about the pages you visit, the Employers or Talents you review or the type of placements you consider. We might use this information to show you relevant advertising for WorkSprout but will not sell or use that information for other purposes. We also use this information to generate statistics that could be helpful to improve the Platform, A/B test or inform Talents or Employers on interesting trends. We gather information about the behaviour on the Platform through Google Analytics and/or A/B testing software in order for us to improve our services.

2.5 Inviting your friends to join

There might be times that you would like to invite a friend to the Platform that does not yet have a Profile, through a text message or an invitation via email to make her or him aware of a specific placement or because you think the Service might be of use. To facilitate this purpose we collect and store email addresses and phone numbers you provide to send an invitation to create Profile. If the person chooses to not register, they may receive up to three reminders after which we will delete the information from our datastore.

2.6 Cookies

When using the Platform we utilize cookies or your phone identifier (IDFA, AAID) to recognize you as a user. We use these mechanisms to improve our core services, provide you with relevant information, store your preferences and login credentials. When using cookies we store surfing behavioural data for a maximum of 90 days which can be extended if you frequent the Platform more often. If you choose to you can delete your cookies or request a deletion of the gathered data insofar as we are able to by contacting us on

2.7 Other

The WorkSprout service is always evolving. We frequently develop new features, which – in some cases – might mean that we collect new forms of data. In that case we will update our Privacy Policy accordingly and will inform you if anything changes significantly. In some cases we require you to restate your approval, we will inform you in any such case pro-actively.

The services of WorkSprout are continuously evolving as we seek to improve them. We frequently develop and introduce new features, which – in some cases – might entail that we will collect new (kinds of) data, which would mean that we would have to adjust this Privacy Policy.

3. How we use your data

We use your data in the following manners.

3.1 Identification

We use your Login credentials (email address and password) or – if you chose to register with your Facebook, Github or other Social account – your Social account to identify you as a Member and provide you access to the Website and your Profile.

3.2 Sending Network requests

We use your Profile data to generate matches between Talents and Employers and send Match Requests if the Profiles sufficiently match. If you choose to accept such a Match Request of an Employer or Talent you agree that the concerning Profile has – from that moment forward – access to the Profile based on your visibility settings. And accordingly can view, export, download or print this data, until you revoke the given access rights.

If you chose a March Request the Talent nor the Employer can review your Profile Data.

3.3 Provision of tailored content

Based on your Profile data and accepted Matching Requests you can receive tailored content. Meaning content that you receive based on your past behaviours. You may receive personal messages to facilitate a Matching Request, in that case no Profile data will be visible to the other Profile

3.4 Surveys

We can use your Profile data to take part in WorkSprout surveys, but only when you have given WorkSprout prior consent. In no circumstance will we allow third parties to send you surveys.

3.5 Use of third-party analytics services

To understand the use of our services we use third party platforms. In most cases we provide a limited but sufficient set of data to use these services to track and optimize your experience. We utilize Google Analytics for site usage statistics, MailChimp for all our outbound email and Zapier to connect between these platforms.

3.6 Disclosure

There are circumstances where we have to disclose Profile data to exercise or protect rights, ownership or security of the Platform, our members, employees or to abide a court order. We may also disclose information because of a change in control of the company or in preparation thereof. In case of such a change in control the acquiring party has the right to continue the use of the Profile data with regards to the Services in context as set out in this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

4. Your rights and data duration
4.1 Rights to access, correct or delete your data and termination of your Profile

You have the right to (1) access your contact information and Profile information that is controlled by 1001001 B.V. and to modify, correct or delete it and to (2) terminate your Profile. You can contact us for any other information which is not on your Profile or readily accessible to you by sending an email to In order for us to process your request, we may ask you to provide us with a copy of your passport or ID-card. We may require additional identification to ensure that we hand over information to the physical owner of the data.

4.2 Data duration

The Profile Data is retained as long as your profile is in existence or as needed to provide you the offered services. In the event that you choose to terminate your Profile via the Platform or by requesting a termination of your Profile via email to, we will ask you to retain your information or for a complete erasure. In any case we can store and will store information that is required by Dutch or European legislation.

You can at all times object to the use of your Profile data if you conclude that we have misused your data. We will act as swift and pro-active as possible.

5. Important information
5.1 Changes to this Privacy Policy

We can and may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. You should frequently read over this Privacy Policy to keep up to date. When we make changes that impact your Profile Data you will always be notified via email and when accessing the Platform. In some cases we are required to re-obtain your permission. We will inform you accordingly if this is required. If you object to any of the changes, you may terminate your Profile.

5.2 Security

In our view privacy is a fundamental requirement to provide you with a safe environment we have designed our Platform on the ‘secure by design’ principle. This means that we utilize security safeguards to protect the information you provide. Access to the platform is password-protected and the Platform is provided via HTTPS. To protect all the Profile data we monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and store the data encrypted. Do bear in mind that software can be hacked, 100% security cannot be guaranteed. Should a hack or data leak occur we will inform you as soon as possible. You are and have the sole responsibility to protect your Login Credentials, we will help you utilize strong passwords in the process.