The story of WorkSprout, the story of you

We believe at WorkSprout everyone should love their job and you should be in full control fulfilling that mission! We know from our own experience a mismatch between employer and talent could be prevented and lead to a better outcome for both. That's why our goal is helping you to succeed finding talent or getting hired for the job fitting you the best! How? By making the process, easy, fast, smart and discrete!

“It is not about getting the most but getting the best job matches”

A match between a talent and employer should be: intelligent, data-driven and personalized. We believe these are the needs of the new worker's generation and the new generation of innovative employers. WorkSprout is an Amsterdam based startup with plans to expand internationally, with the aim to serve the needs of talents and employer globally.

Meet the people behind the scenes

Martijn thinks in data and converts that into models.

At WorkSprout Martijn is responsible for data management and product development all with the aim to improve knowledge and increase conversion.

Sanne is putting her creative energy into engaging content, to make sure our message is conveyed across all media channels.

At WorkSprout Sanne is optimising campaigns on social media with her analytical thinking skills and helps the rest of the team with creating a logical user flow on the website.

Arno thinks in challenges and future developments.

At WorkSprout Arno manages the development team, focuses on innovation of the commercial capabilities of the platform, projects and new initiatives.

Barbara thinks of the usability flow.

At WorkSprout Barbara is all about visualization. She thinks of shapes, colors fonts and videos to optimize the customer journey. She likes to make our message visible through beautiful and intuitive designs for our platform. Together with her colleagues Barbara represents the look and feel of WorkSprout

Hernan translates company and customer needs into appealing interactive applications.

At Worksprout Hernan creates user-friendly environments by writing code and simultaneously making sure the company website renders well across multiple devices.

Gerco speaks Dutch, English and Binary.

At WorkSprout Gerco is responsible to ensure that all projects are using cutting edge technology and ensure solidity of the platforms and initiatives.

Aart forces conversion ratios to go up.

At WorkSprout Aart is continuously interacting with our customers and simultaneously improving the performance of the marketing activities.

Michelle processes and integrates data into great design.

At WorkSprout Michelle works with A/B testing, and besides, she designs logical flows for mobile and desktop. She supports the online infrastructure with her creative skills, in collaboration with her colleagues.

Sandra breaths communication, it almost of runs through her veins.

This love for communication she translates into looking for the best talents and helping them find a great new challenging job.

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